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Every week,I like to post stories of inspirational and informative stories that I come across.These are stories of social justice, overcoming adversity,perseverance and the journey towards financial freedom.

Get your coffee or tea and enjoy the following articles.

1.Immigrants want to return home as retirement nears – By Alina Tugend

They came to America from all over the world for many reasons – to make money,to marry,to live in peace.But now. as they face their retirement years,many of these longtime immigrants want to go home.

2.From pumping gas to a $6 billion fortune — the impressive rags-to-riches story of Forever 21’s husband-and-wife cofounders  – By Kathleen Elkins

In 1981, Jin Sook and Do Won “Don” Chang emigrated from South Korea to Los Angeles in pursuit of every entrepreneur’s greatest aspiration: The American Dream.The husband-and-wife duo, both 26 at the time, landed in California penniless, speaking broken English, and without college degrees.
For three years, Don worked as a janitor, pumped gas, and served coffee to make ends meet. Then, a simple observation sparked a monumental shift in their direction, which would eventually make them billionaires.

3.The enduring hunt for personal value – New York Times
Why do men who have earned hundreds of millions of dollars,even billions ,work relentlessly to earn even more,long after it could possibly make any material difference in their lives?

As little as these varied people have in common,their shared core hunger is for value.Once our basic needs are met,we human beings arguably crave value above all else.

4.Immigration detention system breeds cruelty and harm,squanders taxpayers money,shatters families and traumatizes children – New York Times

Detention is intended to help enforce the law,but,in practice,the system breeds cruelty and harm,and squanders taxpayer money.It denies its victims due process of law,punishing them far beyond the scale of any offense.It shatters families and traumatizes children.