Why are people all over the world amazed and sometimes obsessed with the american dream?

When in 1931,the famous writer and historian James Truslow Adams coined the term “American dream” where life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement,he didn’t anticipate the influence these two words would have around the world.

But the pertinent question is if people around the globe still believe in the American dream or has it been reduced to just a slogan that most doubt and few hold dear to their hearts?

How is America selling the “dream” to the rest of the world?Is it of freedom,social mobility and an equal opportunity to all or has it been reduced to the pursuit of money at any cost,social injustices to some of its citizens and huge inequalities between the rich and poor?

When I first thought of moving to the U.S,my american dream was shaped by the movies,TV shows and music videos that I watched as a Kid – The fresh prince of bel-air,Coming to America,P. Diddy. I believed that anything was possible and the “good life” was accessible to all.I have since learnt that things aren’t always like they look- at least not on screen.

I have always and continue to be thankful to America for the opportunities it has afforded me.I now realize that America never promised me tons of money and streets paved with gold but an environment for personal growth and in the process make a difference and earn a living.

I believe that people who are looking to immigrate to any first world country and chase their “dream” should find their deepest purpose and have a vision for their lives.If your only goal is to get rich with a big house,car and fame – you will mostly likely be disappointed and dissatisfied with your life.I am not saying that aspiring to have material things is bad –  but it is should not be your main purpose in life.Search for purpose and personal growth and all other things will follow.

Anyone has the power to create their dream from any part of the world without moving to a new country.It saddens me to see immigrants drown at sea trying to reach Europe,getting used and sometimes killed by drug traffickers trying to reach the U.S or selling all their earthly belongings to move to a place with no job prospects,family and plan in place.

But I also see hope in the young people who are creating opportunities in their own countries.They are not waiting for their government to give them freebies but instead are going to school,creating their own businesses and fighting for change within their borders.

They don’t believe that uprooting their roots and moving to the U.S,Europe or Australia for an uncertain future is worth its hype.

Immigrants who have spent considerable time in their new adopted countries have a duty to tell the true story and expectations to those trying to immigrate.Most may not listen to you and some will accuse you of jealousy but if they insist on moving,help them as much as you can and as the saying goes “experience is the best teacher”.