Last week I took time off my work and traveled to Boston and Pittsburgh.I went to Boston to attend a graduation and Pittsburgh to visit family.It was my first time to visit Boston and I had a great time.Travel is one of my passions because it relaxes me and I get to learn a lot.I always encourage people to travel more often because of these five reasons:-

Travel opens your mind

When you travel to a new place,you get to see things with a new set of eyes and it may be a different perspective from someone who already lives there.Travelling gives us a new perspective of ourselves like being more patient,not sweating the small stuff or how to relate to strangers.

I am reminded of a story about Bernard Sadow who invented the wheeled luggage.He was going through customs in Puerto Rico with his wife and kids and was wrestling with two large, tightly packed 27-inch suitcases, without a porter in sight, when he spotted a man moving a piece of machinery on a wheeled platform.

“He had the machinery, and he was just pushing it along without much effort, and I said to my wife, ‘That’s what we need! We need wheels on luggage.’ ” said Sadow who was then a luggage company executive.I bet if he wasn’t travelling on that day and experiencing the pain of carrying heavy luggage, he might never had thought of this brilliant idea for his business.

Travel helps you meet new people (In person)

In this new world that we are living ,people networks have become synonymous with social media technology.I believe technology is an essential way to connect with new people but we have to get out and meet them eventually.I usually see people brag about how many friends they have on Facebook or how many twitter followers they have but will fall silent if you ask them how many of the so called “friends” they have actually met in person.

I rather have a few friends who we genuinely care about each other than a thousand “friends” on social media that I never met.You create more intimate relationships and memories when you spend quality time in the presence of other people.This also helps you learn how to communicate with others including strangers.You will most likely remember memorable times spent in the presence of family and friends than time spent online.

Travel makes you appreciate where you are from

I am usually reminded of the beautiful weather,miles and miles of sandy beaches,national parks and mountains of my home in California whenever I travel to a different state that is different.Every state is unique to its residents and what it has to offer and am sure most people will have a bias to where they live.

I also find myself promising to visit many amazing places in my home state that I take for granted for the simple reason that I live here.I came to realize that many people save their money and take time off their busy schedules to take a trip to Disneyland ,Universal studios or Hollywood that I took for granted.Don’t take where you live for granted and visit as much places as you can.You will be surprised by how many great places are in your backyard.

Travel can help you find a business opportunity

I have read of several stories of people who were inspired or discovered a business opportunity while they were travelling.When I was in Boston,we went to eat dinner with friends at a restaurant which had a very unique business concept which impressed me.It was a buffet style setting but you took the raw food to a central cooking area with about five cooks taking turns to cook everyone’s food in a huge fire grill.I thought it was a great business idea that could be implemented anywhere.

When you travel to a new place,you may find that people have a different lifestyle from what you are accustomed to and you could pick up great ideas or meet a business partner to implement a business idea back at home.

Travel gets you out of your comfort zone

The best laid plans could turn into a nightmare in a flash when travelling.Delayed or missed flights,food poisoning from eating different foods or getting lost at a place that is foreign to you.Some people may find this as an irritation but we get to realize that the world is not perfect and we learn to deal with its inconveniences.

These memories are most likely to stay with you for a long time and you might even get a laugh out of them.We barely remember when things went perfect as planned- but may never forget the inconveniences and discomforts we experienced and how we got through them.

One of my favorite quotes is by Saint Augustine: “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page”.We have the opportunity to explore our vast and diverse world.We also learn to appreciate our world whenever we experience it.Take time to travel and it will enrich your life.