donald trump


Immigrants may not run the country, but they make the country run.

– Immortal technique

I have always wondered why there is always a backlash of immigrants all over the world. Do immigrants contribute to the societies that they live or are they part of the social disintegration as some people  (haters) would like us to believe?

This has been an interesting week as Donald Trump announced his candidature for the 2016 presidential elections. I have always regarded him as a smart businessman especially as a real estate developer. This is a man who back in the 90’s filed for bankruptcy and was worth a negative 900 million dollars and yet he rebounded back into business and according to Forbes magazine has a net worth of four billion dollars.

I do not understand why a man with such wealth would want to venture into the dirty game of politics, but Donald Trump is a publicity loving person and will grab any chance to promote himself and his business.

What enraged most people especially Latinos is during the speech announcing his candidature, he profiled Mexicans who immigrate to the U.S as  “rapists”,” drug runners” and maybe a few good ones.

The backlash was immediate: Univision, a Spanish media conglomerate cancelled his soon to be televised Miss U.S.A with the two Latino presenters also bailing out. Next was NBC who “fired” him as the host of the popular show celebrity apprentice. Macy’s followed by announcing that they will not be stocking his clothing line and the Mexican government also condemned him.

Most people might not know but Carlos Slim, who happens to be the second richest man in the world and also Mexican cut off some deals that his company had with Donald Trump. Poor Donald Trump, he must be having one of the worst weeks of his life. But am not feeling sorry for him because he is still rich and life goes on.

His statements have been described as racist and full of hatred but there is one lesson that I have learnt from this episodes which continue to unfold. The American capitalistic system is affected and responds to two things: – fear of life and lose of finances. (Remember the Baltimore riots with the CVS burning)?

Donald Trump may bump his chest in public for his ego but am sure in private he is dead scared to what might happen to his “empire” if he continues losing millions of dollars, not forgetting his reputation. And with elections around the corner, no politician wants to comment or be seen to associate with him.

I was impressed by how the Latino community swiftly came together to defend their people and interests. They are the largest minority group in the U.S and soon will be majority eclipsing whites.

They leveraged their economic and political power to put Donald Trump in his place. In my opinion, his plan might have been to go after the low hanging fruit (Mexican immigrants) and miscalculated their power. A single person might not have the power to stop a racist, unjust person or system but as a group, the system can be rattled or destroyed.

Institutionalized racism is still alive in the U.S and some other parts of the world and those in power and benefiting from this system don’t want any change that involves sharing power and resources with other groups.To them,everybody else is part of the problem.

African Americans are getting killed by police with impunity, denied equal job opportunities, Incarcerated at the highest rate in proportion to their population, get substandard education and consistently have obstacles put in their way when trying to access opportunities .

The sad part is African Americans don’t have the economic or political base to leverage against the racist system and effect change. The African continent and its leaders haven’t raised their voices to condemn these killings and mistreatment of fellow blacks.

They are quiet because they either rely or cooperate with the same oppressive system to access resources (Donor Aid), and as the saying goes “whoever pays the piper calls the tune”.

The African diaspora especially in America has always disconnected to the struggle of African Americans and feel like there is nothing much they can do or these issues do not affect them.

The problem with this attitude is that a racist system doesn’t care if your ancestors were brought here over 500 years ago or you just arrived last week into the country. All they see is dark skin and we are all stereotyped into one group.

We can all fall victim or get caught up in the system at any time. We need to rely on ourselves by building a strong economic base running our own businesses which include media, distribution and retail. We can then build a strong political base which will address our issues. With a strong economic and political base, politicians will listen to us and implement our agendas.

America only understands the language of money and unless you are financially strong, your voice or cries may not be heard. And as Mexico prepared to pull the current Miss Mexico contestant from the Miss Universe pageant which Trump partially owns, they were quoted as saying “We feel that our representative’s integrity and dignity is at risk”

Hopefully Donald Trump and others who spew words of hate towards others will remember that all human beings deserve respect and to live with dignity.